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       Companies adhere to the "merit, ability and political integrity" principle. Staff selection, considering the various factors of knowledge, ability, character, experience, etc., in order to meet the requirements, the need to adapt to work as a reference. Staff recruitment needs based on job qualifications, by written or other forms of interview.

Salary System:

(1) is: distribution according to work, hard work, no pain, no gain; a pay a harvest; incentive, Jiangqinfalan.

(2) the company full implementation of structured compensation system. Staff overall income from the basic wage, allowances and bonuses composition.

(3) to adjust the company to maintain sustained annual staff salary levels, supporting the development of appropriate incentives and performance assessment methods. Among them, the bonus based on the assessment

Performance evaluation of assessment methods to determine, according to the company benefit bonus unified accounting comprehensive benefits.

Employee Benefits:

The company provides employees have salaries at the same time challenging, mainly to provide the 

following benefits:Basic benefit: according to the national social security policy for employees to pay social insurance.