USB Midi Controller
Product model:M1910
Product category:USB MIDI CONTROLLER

Product Description


* 2-channel performance DJ controller/mixer for Virtual DJ software
* 8 multi color soft-touch rubber controller/trigger pads per deck
   for hot cue/loopmple /effects
* Color customized dual zone platters with touch sensitivity
* Crossfader, 3-band EQ, and music navigation controls
* 8 effect controls for flanger, phaser, echo and more Build-in
   audio connects with headphones, mic and PA
* Pitch and sync controls for seamless and easy mixing
* 4-channel audio interface (sound card) provides high-quality
   audio in and out of your computer with 24 bit resolution
* Soundcard supports sample frequencies ate 44.1kHz,48kHz,
  88.2kHz 96kHz,176.4kHz,196kHz
* ASIO driver provides buffer size 256 sample and latency less than 2ms
* Includes the latest version of Virtual DJ LE software for Mac OSX10.6/
  Win7 32bit/64bit,WinXP(Win8